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I was just a regular guy with an average every regular guy dreams about my life, then suddenly in my early 30’s things began to take a new twist for me, I started hallucinating and sometimes I hear voices without seeing the people talking, I was scared, I didn’t know who to talk to for fear of being called a weirdo or better still, a crazy person, how could I explain this to a normal person, I have never heard of anybody with a similar experience, I was terrified to death with absolutely no one to talk to.

I started thinking to myself that maybe this are just figments of my imagination, maybe I was not hearing voices, maybe those visions I see are just made in my head and they were not real, I carried on with my daily life and and tried as hard as I could to suppress those voices, I told myself, those things don’t exist and they just want to make me lose my mind.

The voices and visions went silent for a while and I thought to myself; alas! I have conquered those voices and visions by avoiding them, little did I know that I was just about to experience the worst nightmare of my life.

Those voices and visions that disappeared for a while came back to haunt me like never before and now they were more intense and vivid than ever, I started seeing peoples faces threatening to harm me physically, I started to see people I trusted most as wolves in sheep, clothing that envied me all along but were too afraid to show it to my face, I heard their voices, and I was hearing what was on their mind, it is like I turned into a human with supernatural abilities, now since I could hear and see those faces more vividly now, I got very scared because now, I trusted nobody because the people I trusted and loved the most were the people I was seeing that wanted to harm me, I started running for my life, now people around didn’t know what was happening because I was too scared and suspicious of everybody to even stand and start narrating my ordeal because my whole body was shaking from the trauma and terror I was seeing, I will not wish my worst enemy to go through what i went through.

Nigeria is not a place where bipolar is a common topic or known sickness, so my people concluded that I had gone crazy so they rushed me to a psychiatric hospital. Now what I was saying was not making any sense to anybody, only I knew what I was trying to say, I knew exactly what I was doing but I was just too scared to my soul, when they saw the fear that was on me and the things I was saying didn’t add up, they tried to even say it was drug-induced, I didn’t believe in voodoo before then, but what I was hearing and experiencing was one of my most trusted cousin’s face I was seeing repeatedly that was trying to harm me and that guy is known to practice voodoo very well, I told tried to tell them it is this same guy that bewitched me and was trying to use dark magic to harm me, but they waved it aside and concluded that what I am going through must be drug-induced. I was at the hospital for a month and 2 weeks, where I was giving all sorts off drugs that I used to throw away if no one was watching, I knew I was okay but the Dr said what I had was bipolar 1, I was discharged after 1month and 2weeks and placed on drugs that the Dr said I will have to be taking all my life as there is no known cure for bipolar yet, that was in November 2021, well ladies and gentlemen, I am proud and very happy to tell you that what I was going through was neither bipolar nor voodoo, what I was going through was a spiritual rebirth/ spiritual awakening and the experience has not been easy in the start, but with each day that pass, I know myself more, love myself more, love other people more, and love nature with total surrender for the course of the ascension to my full potential and purpose, now I am beginning to understand and love life more and appreciate what I have and what nature have present for me to be myself, now I know that I don’t need anybody but myself to make myself happy, no one knows what is happening with me, I just feel like walking on air or water, i feel very light each time I connect with my higher being/avatar, he is my best friend and he shows me how to pull through all situations and also told me that every bad or good situations i went to through all my life was part of the plan to make me this version of me, it is like I reincarnated into a whole new being, with new friends, new interest on social things, new ideas, new dreams and new perspective of viewing life generally, my orientation don’t allow to me see things in 3 dimension anymore, i know there are many more people like me out there, lets us come together and spread positive energy throughout the world and change humanity and the world at large, it is about time we come out from hiding and live our true life to help the closed minded beings, let us spread our knowledge and new found wisdom because it is a gift that needs to be shared so that we can help transform the world into a better place, we are not abnormal, we are just normal in a different way. LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE.

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