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The Awesome and Miracle working God

Faith is a heavenly currency that you use to buy things here on earth, the amount of faith you have in God determines the size of your faith account in heaven, if your faith is big and you believe without a doubt and ask God to give you whatever you want, best believe that he will do it, but if your faith is small, you will be scared to ask for what your heart desires.

For example, if your faith is as big as the world bank, you will never be scared to ask God for anything, but if your faith is as tiny as a microfinance bank, you get scared of asking God for big things, God’s abundance doesn’t give room for you to settle for less if you are asking God for small things, it means you are belittling God, you think he can’t do some things because they are too big, the Bible says God is a God of abundance and whatever we ask him with faith, he shall give to us.

The kind of faith you have in God can cure you of an ailment that medical experts say, can not be treated, your faith can conquer your fear and bring you out of the turmoil that is supposed to consume you, your faith can slay any threat to your life or happiness, no matter how big and scary it looks, talk about how God used tiny David to slay big and scary looking Goliath who was a threat to God’s children.

Don’t ask God to open an account for you in a bank, ask God you want to own your bank, God is happy when he sees people who think big of him and believe he is capable of doing anything, don’t ask God for any man that is just alive for you to marry, ask God with total trust in him for the best man on earth that will key into your purpose in life and drive you to your full potential or bring out the best version of you, and just sit back to watch him do his wonders, why do you think they call him a miracle-working God?

This thing doesn’t just work like that, there is a price to everything, and the price you have to pay is to worship God in truth and spirit, walk in his light and his glory and honor will never depart from you, our God is not a pauper, you can’t put your life in his hands and he put it in danger, he owns your life and everything that you own, he only asks that you let him be your guide and navigate you to his holy abode where you will live and never die in his presence. Oh! hail the lord almighty who sits upon the throne of heaven and sees and hears everything that is done in secret and in light.

Lord please guide us in the part of righteousness, let your words be the lamp to our feet and a light to our path in Jesus’ name. Amen!!!

©F.I.D libraries.

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